Saturday, March 28

About even

Birthday #27 is 3 days away.. which The House Bunny commercial tells says will make me "like 59 in bunny years." In all my nearly 59 bunny years I had never found out what difference 1 egg can make when baking a cake.  Literally it cannot stay together, I do not recommend it.  It's confusing and awkward to eat!

Since it was a fantastic Saturday afternoon,  while my husband napped I went for a run alone by the harbor.  I just got some new kicks after all so why not enjoy them. 

- 1 for Sean and his "tiredness" (includes sleeping too long)
+1 for counting on him breaking up a disruptive house-party at 1am last night and chucking the liquor bottles they leaned against my house into their front yard

I guess it balances out, doesn't it ;)


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