Thursday, March 5

Comments about the weather

For some reason today the weather smells nice.  I was out all day yesterday and although I kept wanting spring to get here it didn't smell the same.  Whatever breeze is bringing spring in, I have smelled it a hundred times before, it has to be deep inside my actual DNA of how I love that smell and makes me feel good generally.  Even though I was feeling particularly good already, even yesterday.

My logical guess (if I were to venture one about the air) is that with pollution, de-forestation, pesticides, burning rain, over-production of condos etc. nothing could ever smell the same even if it wanted to, but today that feels like I'd be wrong.  It's the same.  I just want to be out there in it, drink some beer around a little firepit on my deck.  Maybe make some flame-grilled cheese sandwiches, nothing fancy, really. 

It just reminds me how nice it is that things are there when you desperately want them because so often they are not, and we hardly even notice.  They seem the same as things we want.  Like a Prado bag?  Watches in Times Square?  Bitches in my Lexus?  I'm unable to think of a good comparison so we'll leave it like that. 

Can I also just say I sure hope people who read this have a sense of humor. You can always borrow mine, it's on loan anytime you come here.  promise.  

Lastly, while I am just sayin' stuff can I also just say that I could not have been creeped out more then a few nights ago walking into Tim Hortons and the entire place was filled with Troop Scouts. 
Here's a tip: wear head-t-toe Khaki if you want to look like you'll never have a friend.


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