Tuesday, March 31

I want to go to there

Happy Birthday to .. ME. Look what I got!

I've secretly coveted the NikonD40 DSLR for a while and now it's mine! I've been upgraded from the indestructible camera I got last year, which I will likely still use anytime I go out because let's face it... I need it. I cannot be trusted even though I am now 27 years old. I am going to have a lot of fun with this today though :) Yay!!

So awesome.

Now I'm going to have a BIRTHDAY green wrap and BIRTHDAY coffee before the interview coming in an hour. I mean, BIRTHDAY interview. All my ordinary day things are a little more special and exciting today, because I'm awesome :) Did you know that according to Daniel Tammet, I was also born on a blue day (a Wednesday) and on the 31st of the month just like him. Just a little bit of random birthday related trivia for you.

B - "what does awesome means?"
"it means when something is real real great"
B - "I am awesome"
"haha yes you are!"


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