Wednesday, March 18

Scary Tale Theater

I hope everybody had a lot of fun last night and I figured why not bless St. Hangover day with a post that has a lot of nice pictures, you lushes.

Anyone remember that Faery Tale Theater stuff in the 80s with Shelly Duvall? A lot of people seemed to have loved those movies from their childhood, like an enormous amount, and have super great memories of watching them. Personally I was creeped out beyond measure when watching Rapunzel. Did you know Tim Burton was one director for them? I don't like to throw around the word "traumatized" that much but let's just say that it is a fact that if it weren't for Shelly Duvall and her extremely 'unique' features/tired sunken-in eyes I would have assumed I wasn't remembering a real-life event at all but some vivid dream I had.  I should add that I was probably far too young to watch it.

Anyway it is only the fact that she had to be/and was a real person that led me to IMDB this after I recognized her and was horrified it to find out this was only part of a SERIES of shows. Seriously, her eyes follow me around.. is she going to nod off or attack me like a screaming banshee? A surprise every time.

Shelly from another movie in the same series.
Lord help me with my flashbacks.
Anyway, here's a few stills and storyline from Rapunzel I found to illustrate my point.
Apparently in the start of the movie this woman was pregnant and could not get enough radishes. Radishes all the time, dipped in chocolate and crazy shiz, she'd even have nightmares about them.
My own mother had a fondness for radishes and would eat them raw with sugar on those little fondue sticks. Oh.. the 80s. So this image really terrified me.
Anyhow back to the story.
Her husband kept bringing home bushells of them but of course she was obsessed and couldn't get enough so he ended up having to steal some from a witch's garden (of course) who dressed like THIS to catch him.

No.. not scary at all right?

The witch took the child when it was born, as makes sense in all fairy tales that would happen, though I am pretty sure she wanted to cut the mans fingers off and plant them in her garden before that idea came up.

Great effects. Still.. a scary woman who would suggest planting fingers. And she locks the baby in a tower that she seals in with bricks.

When she grows up, tired eyes likes to sing because she's lonely, and a guy hears her obviously.

Climbs up there.

Oh look it's Jeff Bridges! He's so young here! Anyway they are in love suddenly.

Ah fuck there's the eyes again... rolled back this time. She did that before when she played the pregnant lady 'enjoying' eating the radishes, I just don't have a pic. Shelly Duvall's husband is a lucky man to have to look at sex faces like that.

Nothing creepy about this other than the HAIR ROPE. So she plans to escape, the witch finds out and lures the guy in the tower only to toss him out this window and blind him so he can't see Rapunzel anymore.

Bleeding from the eyes is totally something you want kids to see.

Also nothing disturbing about crying into another persons eye. But apparently it's the cure to blindness; who knew Rapunzel had this talent? I heard that's how AIDS started.. just saying.

They're both banished and raise their kids under a blanket in the movie Dune. What a happy ending.


Amber said...

i always thought she was creepy! my brother liked her though. weirdo.

Aprilly said...

This is toooo funnnny!!! I came across this blog by chance, but I totally remember - YES - being TRAUMATIZED after seeing that. I never knew what I was watching, I was probably 4-5 years old at the time and it seemed like a children's program. Those damn bloody eyes have been etched in the back of my brain for years! (I'm 26 now...) Basically I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote... from the weird talking veggies, bloody eyes and ridiculous 'happily ever after' in the desert. LOL Wow... hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember this, and now I wonder if that's because I repressed those memories!

Creepy, creepy, creepy!

Junket said...

The second I read your post about this I remembered watching these! I think they were on Showtime or something like that. Looking back, they were creepy as shit!

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