Monday, March 23

Sometimes weird things come in Spring.

Hockey Pool, originally uploaded by anna potatoes.

Yesterday I was warmed-up and elated to participate in some version of the sisterhood of the traveling pants when handing my wedding dress to another gorgeous and ecstatic bride-to-be! I had never planned or wanted to keep my dress tucked away for any reason, my mother did that and hello it was totally 80s and never used again - double cursed by the lace and divorce. In my heart I was totally and unexpectedly fulfilled thinking that this piece of clothing has a life of its own. I'm no hippie but believe me, it was special. I wore every inch of awesome out of that dress.. I was a silver screen starlet and loved every moment of that day. It made me sad to box something like that up, so yesterday.. yeah you could say I felt pretty amazing watching a flush-faced bride-to-be and her friend run out of my house screaming "I HAVE A WEDDING DRESS" with a totally new day and new wonderful starlet moment to have and squee'ing all the way to the car. Someone give me a high-five dammit!! Fine I will high five myself! *yeah!*

Today, slightly less elating as I received a package in the mail which I thought was either from my grandma or related to my 8-days-away-birthday. To my surprise the large manila envelope (with my correct address on it, different name) was full of pictures of a woman, photocopied handwritten letters in french and one in english which seemed to be a suicide note/poem along with obituary and funeral programs of that woman. Not expecting that... but it looked pretty important to someone so I've been trying to find the person it was meant for to ask where to send it. I think I did find her, so, fingers crossed I'm right... and just maybe she lived here before me.

It just seems like two totally different, but potentially important ways to effect a virtual strangers life that I feel a little bit of responsibility to make sure it's all done right. Because it just doesn't happen everyday.

Like watching a hockey rink melt in your neighbors backyard. Oh, spring, just stay.


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