Sunday, March 15

Where everybody knows your name

I got my first 27th birthday present today!  My grandparents are going to Australia on the 21st, which is so great for them, but they didn't want to be late on my gift apparently.  A very thought out card and $250 lovely dollars to spend on myself in whatever way I see fit.  I've been fantasizing lately about the Spa Train, AE Boyfriend Jeans, a fresh haircut, and a tiny little sweet angel puppy.  I suppose we'll see, but it just made me realize how close my birthday really is.  Two years ago aging was really an interesting but clearly unexplored concept; now I have time to examine the number 7 I have no idea what I think about that.  It's definitely a strong number.. and if it were in a percent like 70% I would think I did reasonably well but not entirely satisfied.  Twenty Seven.. wtf?

*16 Days errrrbody

"My friends had a party for me... Midge, Skipper and Black Barbie"
-snl.. tonight

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Brooke said...

Your birthday is in 16 days...ya ya yayaya!!!

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