Wednesday, April 8

16 + 11 candles.. blinding heat

My official birthday cake this year was a fire hazard.  27 candles, literally... my mom must have been hoping some firemen would come over.

Saturday night we got to finally check out the London Tap house which opened up last year.  I heard some fun things about their restaurant pub rooftop patio slash dance party?  It was interesting!  We showed up about 3 weeks shy of actual nice patio weather so unlike the drunk ladies wearing shirts for dresses, we stayed inside.  Always something to look forward to later in the summer though.  Anyway it was good, I was honored with a lot of very conflicting drinks which it is forbidden to refuse (I tried!) and somehow kept it all down and still had a great time.  How evil is tequila, by the way? lol.

In the bagggg.  With great hair though.

Sunday was so nice, as opposed to the WTFsnowstorm yesterday, that we thankfully spent the whole day outdoors.  I bought finger paint supplies and Sean fought the cycle store crowd to buy a tube for his tire and handle bar wraps.  Note: I just love the smell of Michaels, it's so soothing and calm.. and, I saw a Hello Kitty bicycle for an adult and I sort of want it/would be totally embarrassed riding it.  Very conflicted on that. 

Anyway I just can't even believe that only a few days ago we were sitting on the deck tuning up the bike and washing down chalkboards.. I even got out the patio chairs from the basement, only to now have them covered in melting snow.  Am I complaining enough about this?  I can't tell. 


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