Thursday, April 30

Let's be mateys

If anyone has seen the movie "I Love You, Man" the main character played by Paul Rudd gives an uncanny impression of me anytime I'm leaving a message on answering machines.   I could not stop laughing.

"I need some f-ing friends"

Also in the totally useless information category I discovered PIRATE FACEBOOK last night and was endlessly entertained by it.  It's just disgusting how funny I thought it was and kept it on.  If you want to experience it yourself grab a bottle of rum and scroll to the bottom of your Facebook page and where it says English US on the left click it and select the English Pirate mode.  Don't worry, its only a 'settin' and not an 'arrplication' hahaha.  And no I haven't been drinking any rum.

I also love cork soakers.

That reminds me, I renewed my health card yesterday and the guy I had was absolutely humorless.  Not that I was trying to intentionally make him laugh but I had a few 'huh?' moments where my brain apparently was out to lunch and I tried using the digital signature box with a real pen, which I then attempted to clean for some reason and also stood in someone's way while they were getting their picture taken.  I mean "I" laughed but this guy was as serious as if he had just had ball removal surgery that morning.  You work for the government for goodness sake, just take the laughs where they come!

I'm really not a bumbling idiot, really!  lol. 


Brian said...

lol, just like people who say "I'm not crazy,", you can never prove it ;)

ann.marie said...

it's so true...

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