Saturday, April 25

wake up you sleepy head, wake up get out of bed

This week a new 14 month old girl started at the daycare I do.  There couldn't be a better baby so that was very awesome as far as nice surprises come.  Also Rob took me out for a birthday dinner, I promptly got him lost (it wouldn't be a car-ride with me without that) and had a great time.  I think Chicken Picatta is my new favourite thing!  I had the rest for lunch the next day and it sounds disgusting but goat cheese and sundried tomatoes is even better the second time.

We have been waiting all week and finally got a warm wonderful 'flowers are coming out' sunny summer Saturday!  It was pretty much a rare perfect day.  Some breakfast then off to the mall for their carnival, took some photos, bought seeds for our garden, sat under the shade in the grass and coveted the patio 'outdoor livingroom' furniture.  Came home to get some late lunch of Field Potato Leek soup and get off our feet, inspected my strapless dress tanline, opened all the windows in the house and fell asleep as the thunderstorm rolled in.  When I woke up it smelled a little like pine wood on the way upstairs to our bedroom/loft area due to the rain.  Neat, I have pine stairs.

I suppose I'm just updating on how much I enjoy beginnings of things.  Sunny things, breeezy curtain things, jam on pancakes things, thunderstorm and rain on the roof things.   They're nice.  It's rare to get a bunch of all those nice things together all at once.


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