Monday, May 4

Arr I haven't abandoned ship!

If you hadn't noticed I got bored with the website look.. and also I have a soft spot for the adorably funny asofterworld.  Just thought I'd declare that.  Then I noticed how you couldn't read anything on one of the backgrounds and thought, hey friends, let's not regress back to that right?  I am sure you have better opportunities to damage your eyes, like getting pepper-sprayed on a date or the ever-present temptation to stare directly into the sun.

So I happen to have received a really cute compliment the other day about my organizational skills.  I am here to attest that it is possible for a person who does not live in complete order to still be a good organizer and I find lots of enjoyment in doing it.  I planned our wedding for Gods sake but being observed as 'such an organized person' by someone else was a bit much to swallow.  I felt like following up my actual response of "really? you think so" with  "do you mind calling my grandmother and telling her that for me?  it won't take a minute, hold on while I dial."

Although since my grandparents are both horribly deaf she would think it was the wrong number.  Like yesterday I honestly had a 5 min screaming fit with her trying to give her an address to a communion party.  You have no idea how unnatural it is to yell "CRANSTON STREET" until you do it 85 times.  Canton?  Carrington? Oh ok I've got it, Crailway.

Are we doing a skit right now?


Anonymous said...

i let it wrote a blog post.

ann.marie said...

I don't exactly know what that means. My post wasn't commenting on anyone but myself, whoever you are.

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