Sunday, May 10

Discounts on Vancouver 2010 Olympic wear

Zellers and HBC have crazy discounts right now for everything Vancouver 2010 and it's the CUTEST stuff I've ever seen. I am so glad they did such a great job with it. I wish I could buy everything, there were hundreds of original items I never saw on the website! They had the most adorable shorts and tie strap jumpers for girls that, do I know a little girl? no. Can I not stop thinking about buying it? yes. So far I've picked up 2 pairs of micro-soft PJs, winter hat, awesome shirt (made out of bamboo and I don't want to take it off!) all for probably $35 total. I have NO idea why since it's the best stuff.. just look at that little hooded towl OMG so if you see Vancouver 2010 items go pick it up and support the hell out of games by looking cute :)


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