Thursday, May 28


Things I've been up to which don't resemble the dead houseplant in my bathroom.  Few weekends worth of snapping pictures of things that are growing and alive! 

Planted our front garden and back vegetable garden.. had tons of fun tilling the soil (even though I didn't do any work lol).  Great trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens too, and we have to go back because we ran out of time to go to Easterbrooks and apparently my husband HAS NO IDEA what Easterbrooks is!   In High School I remember we literally walked from Hamilton to Easterbrooks along he train tracks to get a hot dog, which was dumb, but delicious!

Things that don't remind me of things that grow and are alive?  My grandpa operated the heavy tilling machine with a lit cigarette in his mouth.  Ahh full of life.  Most of my piX will be up on flickr of course, including the smoking and heavy machinery confusion.

As for the actual WEEK, well, I'm not a fan of the rain.. the 'surprise' dentist appointment a week early nor the realization after standing somewhere for an extra 15 mins it's because the dental assistant (who must be related to someone to work there) couldn't figure out A) what is 10% of $740.  and B) how to even charge me for it on their own debit machine.  I won't lie, the dentist and I exchanged a very obvious glance of 'wow she's stupid huh'?  And I think it happens a lot.

Ok I'm off to keep dreaming it's Friday and taking a spontaious vacation somewhere in next month.  I don't even care where it is, it just needs to get here STAT.  I can't wait until August.


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