Sunday, May 17


Well after getting to chill out with us my friend Andrea is currently on the long cross Canada trip back to Calgary, and in Thunder Bay right now - not being eaten by bears!  Can't say I'm terribly jealous I didn't get to go with her because sitting in a car for 3 days kinda isn't what I want to do right now.  I like my legs, and I walked a lot today so I have some idea how terrible that would be.  And some idea is all I need.

Best thing all week I can die now having witnessed a 3yr old have diarrhea for the first time and looked up at me with the sweetest most uncomfortable face and said "Oh No, My Bum Is Sick".  I had tears in my eyes, it was that good, I had him repeat it later to others as well.. what is the point if I can't share that moment with the world.

Worst thing all week hearing a little boy tell me his Dad hits him, and then seeing that Dad when coming to pick him up.. actually hit him.  It made me, well, want to hit someone.  Especially since he did it like he was a dog rapping him on the snout to teach him who's boss.  He needs a call from Child's Services.

In other news, a cute wicker basket for my bike is $42, why? 


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