Friday, May 22

How I gave up my seat on the bus to Heaven

I have no idea how to even start this story. It all started many years ago with my good friend Wes pictured right here

and his funny impersonation of a very famous and beloved staple of local Hamilton CH news reports. For years as we grew up you'd see Randy Steele on the tv and he'd be the guy who reported on Zamboni's not being able to fit in the arenas they were bought for, a giant tooth sign being stolen from a dental office and street cleaning machines the city didn't need.

The best part about being from Hamilton is lovingly making fun of this stuff, by the way. Like the way you make fun of your drunk uncle but get really pissed if anyone else makes fun of him because it's only funny if you are related.

You pretty much need to watch that video to understand the running joke impersonation my good friend Wes actually does. We have many many running jokes and they are all hilarious and offensive, as a note, but not really intended to be mean spirited.

Basically it was funny, we all laughed like idiots and then today we see Randy Steele died. Of throat cancer. A real FML moment right there and I could not feel like more of a grade-a a-hole! It's literally funnier now because we unknowingly made fun of someone with throat cancer for having a funny voice and we are all going straight to hell. If I owned a crowbar I'd gladly bludgeon myself with it. It's like local celebrity weatherman Matt Hayes actually dying of skin cancer after all our jokes about him being orange.

Literally, irony is not running in our favour. Our last running joke is that in lieu of flowers the family has asked that Wes Chiasson please retire his Randy Steele impersonation. 

And to conclude this funny by accident true story and truly an end to an era, I point you towards the incredible Hamilton photography blog of Randy Steele.  A very very nice man.  Oh and I'M REALLY SORRY. REALLY!

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Benjamin said...

Great story!

Being an Oakville kid, the CH news always creeped me out. Weird second-rate broadcaster voices talking about streets that supposedly belonged to some bizarro town nearby.

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