Wednesday, May 6

I'm Jacks total confidence in doctors

New doctors are always a nice little venture into bizarro world, and today really wasn't any exception.  Apparently things are in upheaval from one doctor taking a month to get married and the woman I got was literally .. well.. let's just say I had to tell her how to use a calculator on a Mac and how to make it 'go away'.  I'm also pretty sure using a Mac in a doctors office isn't necessary especially if everyone doesn't know how it works.  She also opened iTunes accidentally while filling out my blood work requests.  I am brimming with confidence. I did not even bother pointing out that she could pull out the printer arm to catch the paper which was instead, being launched into the air.

Any more correction from someone who didn't go to medical school I'm sure would have just made me look like a total asshole.

Anyway I really try and just get through it without bringing attention to how odd it seems to me but suddenly she says "can you pee for me?" when I wasn't that sure I needed to pee (what an accomplished feeling, peeing on demand!) and then had me GUESS at things like my height and dates of things.  She almost seemed upset I was halfway self-aware.  Of course I have some compassion since she was so clearly overwhelmed with things.. or on drugs.. however she handed me a perscription without even telling me there was somethng wrong. 

Let's back up here, this is for? 
      -   OH YA, by the way, you probably have a bladder infection. 
Ok, you may want to lead with that next time.  

Not to mention I had to ask where I go for bloodwork in the city because I looked all over for an address on my paperwork and.. nothing.  Talk about feeling out of the loop!


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