Wednesday, May 6

My new bike

I have a new bike! No, not this one. However this is the very AWESOME Strawberry Shortcake bike that I got on my.. 7th? birthday, and so many other little Strawberries of the 80s also had. No, my new bike is a little less CUTE (pearl white is also cute) but when I test drove it at the store it was just as fun! I decided to get a cruiser mainly because it's such a comfortable ride (I'm not doing any trails) and since my husband was so great in insisting to buy this for me I intend to ride with him a lot, especially since the seat feels like angels holding my ass.

That sounded wrong.

The best part is since it's 2009 - and intended for an adult, although I am getting a basket - there are a few awesome differences like having an aluminum body, MP3/phone holder, leather handles and yay it actually has gears and handle breaks. As much as I loved that bike that was an important issue as I did not want to repeat any skinned knees I had which almost happened when I test drove a different "show" cruiser without the gears and rammed the tire into the curb. Whoops! Delayed memory on that one.

Anyway, it's just waiting for a nice free day :) Thought I'd give a shout out to anyone who owned a crazy coloured Supercycle or Shortcake bike, fun summers that have been had, sticky ice cream hands and emptied band-aid boxes. My new bike throwback = I knew it was my favourite season for a reason.


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