Friday, May 22

A name for everything

While it is not a big surprise to me that there are other people in the world who share my name, it is one of those things that I end up considering not as particularly awesome as when I do it.  Yeah I am one of those people.  I just didn't grow up like a Jennifer where you meet them all the time, and to date I've only really met one and she spelled it wrong so it really doesn't count.  You spell Ann with an E and you might as well be from another planet if you ask me. 

Needless to say I've had names going on in the back of my mind lately and while I'm totally glad I didn't have a VERY SPECIAL name like Agamemnon, where your parents didn't love you, or what happens when two Milhouse's meet.. "so this is what it sounds like when doves cry".. I still am a little protective over my own name.  I really don't allow many people to call me Ann-Marie by simply introducing myself as Ann under the guise of "it's just easier for people to hear once and remember" which is half true and I don't know what that says about people to be honest.. it's a very easy name!  I consider it somewhat getting my attention if you do call me Ann-Marie, like Sweetie or Dear, and people I don't like making a point to call me by my name really pisses me off.  Is that not strange or what? 

I don't know what people with common names think about that but I thought I'd put it out there!  Goodbye!  Enjoy your Friday and your weekend everyone.


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