Thursday, May 21

Since LOST is done

I have not watched American Idol all season, or last season, or many of their seasons. Usually if you catch the beginning and the final show you get the general idea mainly because they take a whole hour to recap it for you anyway with highlights. Since Lost is done we figured we might as well watch the finale and can I just say, holy crap was that a good show! The bikini girl was outrageously embarrassing and hilarious and how the hell did they manage to get all of those performers??? Seriously impressive, and the guys on the show seemed to all be pretty great in their little duets. What I don't understand is how Adam Lambert lost? Did you not see him perform with KISS? like holy crap! They could promote him so well and actually have an outrageously successful AI winner instead of just an OK one that sells 1 or 2 albums and then shows up in a CSI episode or 5 minute bit as Kenneth Parcell's cousin on 30 Rock. *ahem clayaiken* The other guy Kris was good too but let's be serious, he wasn't crazy good like Adam. Clearly I have not been biased by past performances where Adam may have sucked but are you kidding? Who cares, let that guy sing whatever he wants. His sucking would be other people's best show ever.

That is all.


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