Tuesday, June 30

Dear Weather,

This is my last week of free time and we're planning on doing some traveling so please, either just rain or just be sunny for an entire day at a time.  I usually like samplers, like with cheese, but in this case I'd just like enough notice to know what shoes to wear.  And while we're talking here, could I ask one favour tomorrow?  If you could rain but just on my neighbours house and nowhere else so they can't launch fireworks on my deck that would be really great.  Picking up stuff that says "explosive" on it kinda creeps me out.

Your friend,

I forgot to mention I had a great time this weekend @ girls night with some friends, and Sharmy who I haven't seen since she moved to Alberta 4 years ago or so.  She got married and had a little guy in that time so it was pretty great to get to hang out and watch everyone get super drunk on the Devil (aka Tequila) and beers.  I was the a-hole who just watched, and I have no problem admitting it was fun!  I know Sharmy is a lightweight now she hasn't drank in 9 months but her sister Jaime though, she actually fell out of the car!  By the way, did you know Coke is FREE at the bar?  FREE.

Hope everyone has some great Canada Day plans :)  Nothing like celebrating your country by blowing up a large chunk of it. 


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