Sunday, June 14

I will google anything

I haven't posted any Search of the Week in a while and that is because things only stay on this here website when they make me laugh, and reading about peeps searching for unsavory illegal photo-situations of underage boys or girls just doesn't make me laugh like it used to. The first 86 times, I mean, hilarious. It must be my old age because if I've learned anything at all it's the lesson that people are completely screwed up and it's NOT AS RARE AS YOU MIGHT THINK.

Confession: I really do read my own website occasionally and I'll laugh at my own jokes. I honestly do, and it's only in text and I wrote it. If I were another person, and not me, I'd think this was the best website ever. If I had no readers I probably wouldn't notice because I'm all the fan of myself I need! Haha.

This week I decided to check again though and the winner is "my new mom eats the sun".. which is a reference to the super crazy episode of Wife Swap where the lady decided to sunbathe her meals, which I blogged about here. Kudos to that person who needed to find that episode reference 3 years later. That reminds me I should really add my own idea to the list of 'websites that I can't believe exist':

Also The Hangover was hilarious by the way.


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