Monday, June 22

Jon minus Kate

I am all about pop-culture, what's happening, who sucks who doesn't etc. I have to know that stuff. It's like calming waves on a sunny beach.. which is a great time to read gossip mags by the way! Really looking forward to spending $80 in gossip at the cottage.

One thing I am finding it really difficult to get right now is the crazy obsession with Jon and Kate getting a divorce. I kind of see that as an ending, not a crescendo, to the story so while I'm technically interested I'm also pretty horrified this is happening on tv. With their 8 children. It seems like the kids matter so so much until the public decided who Jon has a beer with was way more important, and then, so did the show. Tonight is the inevitable and secretive/lucrative "announcement" that's been "coming for a long time" on TLC, which I personally think they could have just released a statement insted of made a show of it. How gross is a "teaser trailer" for the Divorce Episode? The editor who put that together should feel like a piece of garbage.

So here's to watching the divorce unfold tonight and look around to see if the plus 8 are mentioned, because I am sure it'll be "all about them" .. that's why the show is still happening, because we all love those children right?

yes this is a real shirt


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