Wednesday, June 24

My Neighbours

How I've managed to keep mention of my neighbors, in huge ranting tirades, off this website is beyond my understanding. The only clue would be I don't really enjoy tirades and it's hard to 'tone it down son' when you've been having to call the police every weekend.

As a note that I have never called the police on anyone for being loud or having parties in my life, and in this situation it was completely the logical thing to do.

Let me introduce you to my neighbours. 5-28 white trash high school kids with 1-2 dogs who shit in my backyard, 1-4 cars and tractor, who shares a driveway with me. There is a big f'ing tree splitting our actual backyards of course but the shared (aka unfenced) driveway area goes as far as the back of my house, which they use to 'roundabout' their cars in my backyard instead of just backing the f out. My neighbours rent this house from some poor lady who apparently hates the rest of us since nobody in their right mind would have them stay in anyone's home. One of the girls who I'm sure lives there is also a stripper that works down the street... I've seen her lucite heel imprints, or hooker tracks, in the snow head all the way there in winter months. I assume that is how they manage to pay for rent since none of them have a job aside from occasional landscaping (ie the tractor) and most of them go to high school, which I know because I see them come home with backpacks at 3:30pm.

My lovely neighbours, whom I could care less about their personal lives, decide to have raging Animal House parties EVERY Friday and Saturday night. They don't miss a single day to take the party somewhere else for a change, and always make sure to take it outside where drunk little girls and boys whos parents don't love them decide to have 'really cool' fist fights on our lawn, yell directly at the side of our house (into our bedroom window) 'f'in this, f'in that' and keep it up until about 3-4am. I know way more than I should about people piece of shit conversations when they've been drinking since 5, and oh what a BIG DEAL this all is, someone drive me home or I'm going to punch so-and-so. All while we are literally trying to sleep. Sean has had to personally go out there and physically stop fights and ask for the party to END... and he's a convincing guy. They walk through our backyard constantly as a note, because it's apparently public property.

My 'the children are our bright future' neighbours have attracted police here for assult, public disturbance, been arrested, all by themselves or on other neighbours calls. We decided 2am was a really good time for everyone to go home so we call every weekend now, as doing our part for the community. Unfortunately the police don't seem to be interested in actually doing anything and unfortunately after police we called left one night a few weekends ago, an ambulance was rushed over and a girl was taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. No idea if she ended up OK or not. Great job right?

Well, now that you know my neighbours I'll tell you what happened yesterday.
Yesterday was the end of school.

I was home when at 3:30pm they decided to do this. Blasting music out of the FRONT of the house and dancing on the porch, drinking in FRONT of the house (not nice little coctails either, just a cup of coke and big bottles of whiskey and rum right on the table.. they throw the empties of those in my backyard btw). Why they refuse to use their equally as large as ours backyard to do this, I have no bloody idea. They absolutely MUST party right beside my windows! I took this picture right now in fact, this is my kitchen, and not yesterday but at 1pm on a Wednesday.. and this is presumably how it is going to be until someone dies or the house blows up. Fan'freaking'tastic. Why would I ever want to move? Hmm.

As another note to anyone who has never read my site and does not know me, I grew up in Hamilton OK. I once had a drunk guy fall off the balcony of the appartment above ours, onto our lawn and paralize himself. Then someone did the exact same thing the weekend after while talking about it to a friend, and was paralized because he kept trying to get up and finish his beer. I have seen psychiatric patients my parents look after cut themselves with plates. Vandals in the park. I am used to noise, loud drunks, police cars... but NOT EVERY WEEKEND. This situation is over the top stupid and that is saying something.


Robert said...

I think there is only one possible solution... get TLC to start filming a reality TV show and PROFIT from the madness.

Anonymous said...

I know it's expensive but maybe it's time to contact a lawyer? There has to be something you can do at this point...


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