Thursday, June 18

Open letter to the dicks at NBC

With your huge 'hit' shows like Chuck? (wtf is Chuck?) and Medium, did you really think it was a great idea to cancel Life after it's 2nd season. I don't know if you've ever seen this particular show but I think it kicks ass.

NBC I like that you have enough sense to broadcast 30 Rock and I guess Biggest Loser is fine too, but you don't have a better comedy-zen-drama (I just made that up) than Life. It's just stupid not to give it at least one more season to wrap up, if not just let it peak for gods sake, it's a good show and that doesn't happen a bunch to you! Damien Lewis is practically the only guy in television to either look like a totally nice guy OR an axe murderer within a few seconds, why would you let him go to another show? You have Heroes and what? Their storyline completely jumped the shark by the way and I don't know who watches it anymore. Do you know how frustrating it is to follow a show and have the cryptic season finale ending be the ACTUAL ENDING of the series? We'll never know who framed him, or the outcome of the conspiracy wall? What the heck, for real. 8 Million viewers weren't enough to keep it afloat? I don't do 8 Million of anything!.. and now you're making me make no sense! Thanks.

Your target audience females ages 18-44

Sign your name if you'd like Life to move to the USA network.

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Anonymous said...

You guys don't get Chuck in Canada?? If not my favorite show it's pretty damn close! You should try and watch some of the episodes online or order the seasons on iTunes or something because it is seriously awesome.


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