Sunday, June 7

Sears Baseball

Last weekend we got to catch a Sox/Jays baseball game.  Nothing like watching the Jays lose horribly to make the place clear out as fast as possible.  Everyone I went with is a Boston fan so that really didn't bother me at all, it should be noted that it's just a rule though ever since my first baseball game: the Jays always lose when I attend.*

We got to see some pretty funny people when we were there, as usual.  Last time it was the Boston fan in FULL uniform, running in the streets.  This time it was Yogi's #1 fan who found a redsox turban somewhere.  

And the Boston Stripper Fan, with 89 pieces of redsox flair.  Lots of people stopped her to take a picture and Alicia also wanted a pic with her, that's Wes taking it there.

Funny thing about Wes he told me he googled himself the other night and my post about the story of his impersonation of Randy Steele was the number 5 hit.  He called everyone he knew to check it.  Luckily my good friend Wes has a fantastic sense of humor so he thought it was hilarious.  Here's his Sears pose at the game.

Kudos to you my friend for being linked in a google search with an impersonation that turned out to be worse than Hitler, and still thinking it was funny.  This is why we're friends.  I also wanted to clarify that I still find the impersonation funny as hell, which makes me a very bad person.

Sean's Sears pose at the game.  Is it just me or even though we were making fun of the Sears pose, they actually turned out pretty good?  I think so.

I had a gigantic lemonade which was 8 dollars, and yanno, it was a good day :)  This weekend? I've been sick with the plague that doesn't like when you breathe out of your nose, and I am not impressed.  Try harder, flu!  I have tons of OJ and chapstick (that is what happens when you stop breathing from your nose, btw).  Hope you guys have a great Monday morning!  I know mine will be just a peach.

*Except one game.  That's it.  I've been attending games since I was 10.


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