Tuesday, June 9

Sweater Love

It is no small secret, or shouldn't be anyway, that I am a fan of Jennifer Aniston (post-Friends) based entirely on her fabulous choice of sweaters in every single movie she's in!  Fan might even be the wrong term here actually because whilst she wears the fabulous fitting sweater I don't particularly like her since I DO NOT HAVE IT.  IT IS HER AND NOT ME WALKING ALONE ON A BEACH IN MAINE WHILE A SALTY BREEZE AND LATE AFTERNOON SUNLIGHT DECENDS UPON ME PONDERING MY LOVE LIFE.

I'm aware she doesn't personally pick the sweaters but I do not care, they are always fantastic so something is clearly going on there.  I will be watching a movie, see her and yell "oh my god that's a great sweater!" as if someone is going to jump up and agree with me and then go shopping.  And let me tell you, Sean NEVER does!  Not even once.

If Jennifer Aniston had a vault full of every sweater she owned I would break in a swim in them just like the opening credits of Duck Tales.  Then put 8 of them on and run away in a feverish sweat.


Anonymous said...

if you ever watched friends, then you must know the sweaters are to sheild her from slicing open babies with her nipples.


Ann.Marie said...

it's the main reason she never had children. in summer with the AC on it's even worse.

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