Thursday, June 25

Time is running out.. jammies everyday

Is it wrong that I looked down to make sure I wasn't wearing jammies before I went out of the house today? I'd like to say no, but when you have some time to yourself you realize just how much you'd like to save time and mix all the good things in life together.

  • Jammies, good.
  • Going out for Ice Cream, good.
  • No makeup, good.
  • Avoiding calls from grandparents, good.

WTF face, by the way, that Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died today. Anytime a celebrity dies I get a call from my friend Andrea within 5-10mins. I'm always the person she calls first when someone dies, and nothing has changed since she moved to the other side of Canada. It's like a touchstone in life, we will always quote The Simpsons, we will always go out for Thai food and she will get Mango Chicken, and Andrea will call me if someone important dies. I am sure this will continue into our old age; she'll be Mildred and I'll be simply known as "Mother" and we'll scan the obituaries over a cup of decaffeinated tea. For the record she thinks Michael Jackson was our generations Elvis, and died taking uppers and downers. I'm inclined to agree since heart attacks at 50 are unusual. I also think that this possibly completes the only superstition I have in life, that people die in threes, if we're including Ed McMahon.

Watercooler, good.

"don't you just love it when celebrities die?"
- Andrea "Mildred" Salciccioli

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Benjamin said...

This just in: Jeff Goldblum is NOT dead!

That hoax disturbed me more than the other three combined.

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