Wednesday, June 17

What happens?

What happens when a fish gets a can of fish flakes dumped in their tank?

First they get super happy because they are a particularly hungry fat fish.  Like that plant in Little Shop of Horrors, I swear the fish talked to him and made him do it.  However, later, if their owner leaves them on the counter and forgets to clean the tank they'll return to a fish swimming on their side because they're almost dead.

I cleaned the tank anyway thinking this at least would serve as a very valuable lesson to a certain pair of helpful hands that you should not feed animals without grown ups around.  Gosh darnit if the fish didn't LIVE.  I'm pretty glad it's still alive though just surprised, it's also had one fish-illness in the past I got medication for which cost 3 times as much as the fish.  Also relieved though since I hadn't realized I've never had to dispose of a dead pet before and it was mega grossballs thinking about it.  With all the pets I've had growing up that is actually pretty amazing, never seen a dead pet nor disposed of one.... my parents always did that.  Ahhh adulthood, this hidden responsibility for me later in life will suck!   Dad you didn't prepare me for yet another thing!!  I am calling you when it happens!


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