Friday, July 10

Comic Friday

How did you ever manage to wait a whole week to see another horribly unfunny addition to my webcomic?

Comic #2: Lesbian

After the first comic I immediate got a question about it from my friend Kevin about it's lack of being funny. I'll just reiterate, my idea for this entire webcomic is to illustrate REAL super nuts or annoying conversations my grandmother anonymous person has had with me or said. I think it's unique because they are totally true and aren't funny at all... which I think is a little funny.

Like this.

I'm just kidding.. that last one was hilarious.


your friend Kevin said...

I didn't say it was unfunny, I just said I didn't get it.

PS - it was unfunny

Toothfairynotes said...

mwahahaha omg... the pic is so wrong and funny at the same time! hahaha..


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