Monday, July 13

Coming in December

We'd only been trying a few months so we were happily surprised to announce to our families and friends that we were expecting a brand new family member!

We'll find out in a few weeks which sock colour to put on the baby's Christmas list, which is very exciting :) We have no gender preference, "baby" in itself is amazing enough but everyone seems to be hardcore rooting for a girl based completely on the clothes shopping. Very mature, right? I have to agree.. my heart skipped a beat when I saw a super tiny cardigan. YES MY BABY NEEDS THAT!... aka. I need that!

I may make casual reference to it in the future, because this isn't a mommyblog. Ladies who like selling their children out, bless their blogger hearts but I'm going to pass. Even if I wanted to, detailing how childbirth went and then make a 24 sexual things R.Kelly wants to do post can't happen, the universe will explode as they will not co-exist. However, I do have a current obsession with baby names and how every list that says "Unique" really means "You just don't love your child already". What kind of a name is Floss, for gods sake. Another good reason to find out the baby's gender soon... I want to know what we're dealing with here, it's all too much! I almost don't want to think of a world where someone is named Floss, or ultra classic Ronald. Or what's worse, some parents seem to find it a chore.. as in oh jeeze, it's like we're naming cheese... I'll go with anything! I read a bunch of forums that there is a big trend somewhere that Dads get to decide and the Moms are demoted to middle naming and are pissed but don't think they can do anything about it.

I think the law of Nature dictates anything you grew in your body, you get first dibs on naming it. It might be my current chemical imbalancing act but I want to meet the person who thinks otherwise. I won't hurt them, I promise, I just want to TALK!

Feel free to go vote on my baby naming poll on the side bar.

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Amber said...

You can't name it Lyric, I've already got dibs on that particular hippy name. :P

Congrats again, to both of you. Can't wait to go shopping for tacky British-themed baby presents. :D

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