Monday, July 6


I hope you're ready for this, that you're prepared.  My confession is so creepy I can't even explain!

I have the weirdest, deep-seeded fascination and chilling fear of Miniatures.  

I stumbled upon a website where this guy chronicled his creation of a scene and officers quarters from he novel Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World by Patrick O'Brian.  He made ALL the furniture himself, tracked down tiny coloured glass bottles and tiny metal medical equipment.. even tiny jelly for the tiny toast and handmade tiny genuine leather bound books for his itty bitty library.  CSI episode aside, that is both a fascinating and terrifying concept.  I should also mention he wired the candles to really light up.



I think innately the girl in me says WOW A DOLLHOUSE! I know I touched upon this before with things people think kids like to play with and what they actually play with, BUT I have always loved dollhouses quite a lot.  Now I think of it my grandma (who is insane in buying children anything and everything they want or are slightly interested in.  S'Mores, the robotic pony would have been mine.) did buy a few miniature furniture pieces for my dollhouse.  They were too detailed I think to be regular furniture, and one of the floorlamps did have a tiny lightbulb and plug.. where that was supposed to plug into I have no idea but that's not the point.  

The point is it's all fun and games until you realize an adult spent hours perfecting the recipe for miniature jam, and laying out the microscopic fork and knife with tweezers.  It's all very batman villianish.  I shudder just thinking of it because right away I'm forced to assume they think little characters come out while they sleep and live in the house.   This doesn't help either.

I am also fairly positive I saw a movie or read a book at some point where a real person was living in a miniature dollhouse world and didn't know how they got there and couldn't get out.  There was tiny fake fish on a plate in it too.  If I could only remember anything relevant about it... NO it's not Alice in Wonderland.

Wow I feel so much better I got this off my chest.  Miniaturely lighter, even.

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Anonymous said...

make sure you get all the tears in the tub!

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