Wednesday, July 29

Don't worry Patrick, you live with us now

I think we all pay special attention to customer service at one point or another in our day, and unlike my customer service that makes customers nervous post.. 99% of it is more of the old fashioned infuriating kind. I got a call from the dentist the other day asking me if I can keep my appointment, I said no I actually can't make it, and that I would really like to re-schedule to a weekend. Apparently this guy just isn't available, any weekend, forever. I take that to mean he is booked Saturday/Sundays until the end of time. Then she told me if I'm canceling they'll still charge me because it's not 48 hours notice, yet didn't call me 48 hours prior to my appointment. That is just a flaw in logic right there. Same with when I pay I'm asked if I'd let her credit my account because she just doesn't have change.

Usually I don't engage people I meet about their stupidity because I figure hey.. that's a personal thing. Something between you and the two brain cells you have sweating on a hamster wheel up there.. it's none of my business. I can't quite ignore though the fact they actually tried to bill a different insurance company for our visits and that company we have nothing to do with was kind enough to let us know.. as well as bill a visit for a little boy named Patrick. Who's Patrick?? Did we agree that some boy named Patrick gets to be on our dental plan? Was I high? In Ireland?

I consider the billing and rescheduling fiasco to be sorta bad service but something I can't get over is the fact that someone who works there didn't know how to figure out 10% of something. I know I've mentioned it before and really, I don't know if I can live in a world where that person has a job. I've thought about it, and trying to have our insurance pay for our new adopted child from Narnia named Patrick is less horrible somehow than that. You have to totally picture this girl while you're thinking about her cashing a paycheque too.. with FULL club make-up on and giant hoop earrings. I want to go in and tutor her, it confuses me so much. I would come up with questions like: if this Guess purse is $150 and was discounted 10%, and so were the Parasuco jeans, why don't you step closer so I can slap you?


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