Saturday, July 4

Fourth of July

Enjoyed a really great meal tonight for my grandma's 66th birthday today (July 4th and not an American, too bad she could have had fireworks). She enjoyed herself, the meal and actually liked the fish so much she mentioned it a few times, and that never happens. Then she actually liked the Lemon Cake I picked out .. and wasn't pushy at all before she left. Naturally, I got suspicious.

Speaking of, totally unrelated to this..

I hope you've all enjoyed my new weekly, colossally unfunny, webcomic. I just know you can't wait for the next one. Here's a closer look at some of the characters I drew. Guess which one is "rude".

So hard to believe I have no drawing talent whatsoever, right? I'll give myself a little credit here by admitting this is all trackpad, and I actually considered naming the comic along the lines of: F*MyTrackpad.
"Try the smoked salmon sushi with cream cheese center, made the traditional way"
- Sushi Sean re: the Mandarin


Brian said...

I for one am waiting on the edge of my seat for the next edition.

Ann.Marie said...

They're all riveting! page turning!.. one page comics. The edge of your seat will be well worn out, my friend!

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