Monday, July 27

Step #1: admit I have a problem.

I buy and collect frames that I have no idea which pictures to put in, just because they're so awesome. I have 3 right now sitting pretty with nothing in them yet. If it wasn't creepy I would still put them up without any photos in them, to remind me to actually print photos!

I got the best one yesterday out shopping with my Ma-in-Law, making me officially a weird frame collector. Admittedly we had an awesome time while the boys were off at the Canadian Open, getting all rained out. Plus it was fun as I got to introduce her to: Asiago cheese, marinated Artichoke hearts and Old Navy. I ended up with so much stuff when I was just planning on exchanging my yoga pants for a smaller size lol. Big score though, not only did I get better pants than the ones I picked up last weekend, for the same price, I got Sean a bunch of the dry-fit shirts and was talked into getting the cutest terrycloth hoodie and 2 matching shorts in electric blue and black. I am very ready for the cottage next week! And so excited. Now if the weather will behave...

It should be noted, there may be a little skepticism in our vacation this year simply because my family and I do not do well with changes to our cottage. We heard about some new improvements since last year and I'm expecting it will be a little like ripping off a band-aid.. aka they did WHAT to the dock? >:(

Our cottage is simply a place on earth that should never change, in a town that is a throwback to the 50s and 60s. We do the same things every year, go to the same weird shop that sells stones, put our wishes in the wishing tree, enjoy the same antiquing hunts, get ice cream at the same store with the only payphone in town, drive by the only post office, get water at the only well, watch my grandpa lure some unsuspecting person into being trapped on a boat all day, eat s'mores drink beers and watch the bonfire until our skin hurts, play cards for nickles, get sunburns, count all our mosquito bites and compare numbers, and giggle that if we're feeling spicy we can visit our alternative variety store named Cox. If they happen to add awesome mattresses I will take back my words because I could definitely handle that just fine.


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