Monday, August 17

And here's... something else!

My grandma called me just now and mentioned she is doing my mother's laundry. Naturally I had to inquire, although I don't know why since the answer made perfect sense.

"She gave me 20 bags of laundry, so I've been doing that"
"20 bags?? Why?"
"Because she hasn't done laundry in 10 years"

I laughed quite a bit at that one. I'll fill in a few blanks for you, she is the definition of an ultra pack-rat and that most of those bags were probably not her personal clothing but
  1. from people's abandoned apartments
  2. my salvation army donation box from 6 years ago
  3. is half made up of baby clothes she collected
  4. full of cat hair
I'm glad my Dad listened to me and threatened her to clear that room out if she ever wants us to visit. Fun Fact: in her room once I saw a tin box full of assorted colourful pill medications and a suitcase full of dirt with plants growing in it.

Something else that happened today? As I was finishing the last sip of my second cup of tea in the same cup, I see the tea leaf that was floating at the bottom the whole time was actually a tiny fly. My first thought was literally.. oh yay, my first Fmylife! Exciting :)


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