Sunday, August 9


After a very relaxing week at the cottage we've come home, to a spotless house I might add (stellar idea on my part to do a little extra) and an extremely dead fish.  That's right, our obese goldfish Oscar has finally bit the big one or however you want to say it.  I'd actually describe it more literally as explody, but you probably didn't need that mental image.

We'll know more after CSI finishes their report but I'm fairly sure he either ate all his weekly food at once, and if so he died doing what he loved best, or it was because I set him in the kitchen in front of the sunlight to give him a view and he overheated.. and if so I am a monster because that is literally I think the worst way to die.

Oscar 2007-2009

One of my fave "tombstone" funnies, seems appropriate.

He managed to surprise me every morning by not dying under the tremendous effort of trying to swim at his size, surviving from two overzealous toddler feedings, and also recovering from some fish disease at some point too.  Just when I got used to the idea of him living so long, he dies.

We had a very nice trip to PetSmart this morning to acquire our new fish, and I suppose I will introduce you all to him later.  As for the vacation it was really great, the last two days was awesome weather.. got a little burned, did some kayaking and nearly tipped it in the creek after backing into a branch with a big mother'fing spider crawling beside my EYE. 

I miss eating breakfast here.


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