Friday, August 14


Today was the anniversary of the 'great blackout' of 2003.  

It's fun to share where were you when stories of that day.  Me, I was terrified, house sitting totally alone while my grandparents were in Italy and looking after their dog.  Once I got over how annoying it was the internet went out, as per usual, I sat and called a bunch of people in my phone book for voice company.  I still had a phone book back then!  I fed the dog and gave her water.  Then I realized the lights were seriously not coming back and I'd rather die then fall asleep alone in a house with no electricity, I took a cab over to my cousin's Aunt's place where they were keeping an eye on their elderly grandmother.  She only spoke Italian and had dementia. 

Every 5 minutes she'd scream that her (now 50 year old daughter) was lost and she needed to find her and no one could calm her down.  She kept smacking my cheeks and making sure I promised to tell my parents she said hello, may she rest in peace.. she passed a year and so ago. We talked about how my cousin was going through a bad break up, which turned out ok in the end since they've been married 2 years now, and then we ate all the really soft ice cream in the freezer.

It was truly a shitty, shitty day and the perfect metaphor for that was going on in life at that moment and earmarking it all by blacking everything out and putting you in one of those timecapsule situations where if you really think about it you could nearly feel as if you could place yourself there again. Killing time sitting in that livingroom with candles all over the place thinking "oddly enough this isn't the worst thing that has happened lately".  All in all, even then, I knew 100% I was pretty lucky to have my cousins there because they make a lot of shitty things better, until it finally is better, which like the blackout seems like it could take the rest of your life. 

Uhhhhh so that wasn't a great story but hey, not everything is a big piece of sunshine pie now is it?


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