Friday, August 21

Girls Destroyed: 5

I shouldn't just assume everyone here knows what Facebook is, but it's creeped it's way into my daily radar and therefore I have to post this.

I saw an application invite to "Sorority Life"..clicked on it and laughed really, really hard. I am sorry if my friend ever finds out I totally outed her game name but I had to share a typical profile for this game.

My favourite was clearly.. # of Girls Destroyed. How great is that?! Oh how quickly sugar and spice and everything nice gets replaced with teen vengeance, expensive purses and mind games. Sorority Life totally has it.. and my inner competitor actually is telling me to go kick ass at this game, which is why I don't let her make most of our decisions.

I will just mention this is just one reason, upon reflection, I really would be happy to have all my children be boys. Well that and talking about periods. Now excuse me I'm off to write the speech where I warn my sons about these women later in life.


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