Tuesday, August 25

Ironic salt and pepper shakers

When it came to picking out delicate personal handmade jewelry for our wedding, I actually chose to shop at Etsy for three things.  A unique choice of wedding band for Sean.. titanium and yellow gold from a great metalwork shop; and to custom order my own jewelry for the day and my girls things from MiaBeads.  I just loved her stuff and she was really interested and available to listen to all my ideas so it was a great experience, and she did a great job of course!  I follow her cute blog as well where she regularly features a nice eclectic mix of other Etsy stores that I just enjoy browsing.  You might also like it, if you're into that.

It doesn't hurt that #9 is something I'm personally obsessed with: wall decals!  [from janeymacpress]
Oh boy do I love eye-shopping wall decals, and I am itching to use one in a practical way ... I did buy decal chalkboard once but no I really don't live in a world where a giant cherry blossom over my couch would be practical.  If you live in that world, bless your little hipster heart... I bet you even have adorable oven mitts, fun ice trays, dishes that don't match, ironic salt and pepper shakers, and a toaster that burns some kind of picture into your toast.  You are my eclectic window shopping hero and your apartment slash artist loft space is a place I'd love to come have breakfast one day.

I'm tempted though, the baby room decals are so cute!  Just thought I'd share the Etsy goodness :)


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