Sunday, August 9

The OTHER Lake House, the one we reference but nobody goes to

While on vacation I had the pleasure of actually finishing Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O'Neil, a book I started many many months ago and stored in the basement boxes for when I had more time. I tend to do that. Thanks to my Goodreads, I am embarrassed to see it says I actually started it 8 months ago. Wow... truly horrible. Have I really put my quiet private reading time on that low of a priority?

Needless to say then, I guess, it was a real treat seeing as I never have time to myself to read and I tend to like to sit for a long while and read as much as I like at a time. I don't like being interrupted/have to go to bed/etc. It was a great book too, very fun to read, which is my favorite kind, sad and fantastically descriptive. The author notes in the back about herself, the book, and her own recommendations of books she liked was also a treat.

Our cottage's local coffee house The Red Brick Cafe (aka the Starbucks of Sundridge) has a bookcase full of "take one leave one" novels so on the way home I stopped in and exchanged my fantasitc and colourful Lullabies for The Lake House by James Patterson in hardcover. I thought it was a great idea. It was owned by someone named Connie, and I know my Dad and Brooke read tons of James Patterson books and like him so I was pretty excited to read it on the drive back. That is until I realized I assumed it was the book version of the movie with the same name, and assumed totally wrong. I waited about an hour for a book about genetically altered bird children and a crazy plan by a doctor to create eternal life, to turn into a time traveling mailbox before realizing it just wasn't going to happen. Nomatter what. As in I am almost finished the book and no one has even visited the Lake House yet, I've given up. Turns out there is no book version of the movie, just another movie in Japanese it was based off of called Il Mare.

Doesn't it just seem like there should have been a book though? That's a real question, for anyone who has seen or not seen the movie (I have not).

Anyway, Brooke and I went out for dinner at Milestones last night to celebrate her birthday while I was away and I had the opportunity to talk to her about this book situation and apparently there were 4 previous books explaining this crazy bird child storyline which I suppose would make this book less crazy. She insists his other books were good, and if anyone out there knows what I am talking about... doesn't it just seem like the FBI agent isn't good at his job?

I am still not a fan of The Lake House and have not enjoyed reading it as much as Lullabies, even though they are completely different. Maybe I was the one to "pay it forward" in this situation. Darn it maybe next time!


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