Friday, August 21

Parental Decisions

Far be it from me to judge parents on what they do to their kids.  If there is anything I've learned it's that.. shy of tattooing them with Nazi symbols and putting Jack Daniels in their lunchboxes, of course. 

I'm watching Aliens tonight with Sean and he tells me he's never seen it because his parents wouldn't let him.. and I recall my parents thought it was fine.  They actually let me watch Aliens... and I'm pretty sure I didn't even ask to, I would simply do ANYTHING to stay awake at night.  In fact I was telling little bee a story about that yesterday and how my Dad got naturally tired of my fighting sleep and told me I wasn't allowed to sleep.  I had to stay on my bed with the light on, and be awake all night.  Then he woke me up if I passed out and reminded me I was not allowed to go to bed.  I see the logic in that as an adult and that I did feel lucky when eventually the point was made and I went to sleep, but upon telling the story I kind of rightfully confused the kid as it sounded especially cruel when you re-tell it.  I'm not sure what that parenting style is called, other than "I'll make you regret getting what you want" but I will say thank god I never tried smoking or something because I'm sure he'd make me smoke cigarettes until I puked.  Even if I was seven.

ALIENS though?  I have to question that one right now.


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