Friday, August 14

type: everything that can possibly go wrong

Hey it's awful Comic Friday! This week: Calling 911.

This actually happened at the cottage while my grandpa was out on the boat on the one really nice day we had. She was really going to call 911 .. because they police the lakes apparently. If she did I was totally going to make her listen to "I'm on a Boat".. he's on a boat Grandma, don't you ever forget!

Question: why when you're terrified about someone's safety and sit worried for a few hours are you a major icehole when you actually talk to them and therefore realize they're ok? Wow, thanks for caring!

Really 1,610,000 results? Depressing guys!

My actual post today is the fact I just have to admit at this point that much like you I've totally relied way too much on the internet for answers. My husband, Dr. Google, will laugh at this but my appointment yesterday my (kinda slow) doctor was reading over general test results and medical papers on the computer in silence and of course I am looking and I see a big red line. I'm like WHATS THAT BIG RED LINE??? And the word POSITIVE right next to Rubella. He explains that means I am immune to Rubella and for a good few moments I really thought I should just Google that because that didn't sound right. Positive means POSITIVE icehole! I was pretty sure he was just finding a nice way to tell me I had Rubella.

Then I started becoming concerned when I came home after he told me I missed the time frame to order this other blood test he wanted and I typed up "signs of _____ " as if it was an acceptable alternative to the actual test. I might as well just type "everything that could possibly go wrong" along with "any minor symptoms I might have it" .. and I freaking know there are more of you simply because of the auto-fill searches I get. I mean you'd think I'd have ANY confidence at all in the medical system but my experience thus far has been something like the funny tombstone from the other day. Oh I feel a made up word coming.. it's here.. it's hypogoogliac.


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