Monday, September 21

As good as it gets 5 highlight posts

I decided since nothing is going on right now for me to blog about other than finding a pair of sunglasses I finally love in every way, at the end of the summer; I put together a top five list of highlights on this blog in honor of this being the FMB blog of the day yesterday!

Yay :)

Nobody voted on this top five, I just particularly like the posts and I think it's a good representation of the content of the site (since 2006 at least on the Blogger format) for anyone not fortunate enough to be a regular reader.

  1. My New Mom Eats the Sun
  2. I'm Bringing 90s Back
  3. Santa and Jesus - basically as real as eachother
  4. Straight Narration is Always "too much information"
  5. Is it Just Me? & Crazy Number 33

Number 5 are not really highlights but simply asserting the prevalence on this site of me comparing things to other things, and love of taking pictures when I see a weird people on the street. Happy reading!


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