Wednesday, September 2


It seems my blog took a little nap while I've been busy this past week, so if you would permit me I'll just blur through the details of us having bought a house and moved 5 days ago, but will add that yes it had mostly to do with our wondeful neighbours .

Given that whomever of you that have been keeping tabs on this blog have, by now, been associating the word Verily with abandonment and wishing hateful shit upon me I'll post a quote from my mother who phoned me yesterday.

"Hey you'll never guess who I saw on the bus today! Remember that guy who kidnapped us when you were 9 and drove us to the states (to a nudist colony, actually) and left us there? He drives a bus now!"

Yes I'm regularly confused whenever I talk to her, thanks for asking. You have no idea how to respond to someone who acts like it's a good thing someone is still talking to them considering the last time they spoke she called the police on him for taking pictures of other people's kids. That's... good? I was almost poisoned by the cinnimon buns she sent over, but that's really my fault. I should know by now nothing she makes ever tastes the way it's supposed to taste.

If that wasn't enough of an update I'll just mention next time I will tell you all the story of how I almost threw my iPhone at the movers, and the morning in the new house I was enjoying nature until nature slammed itself agaist my wall of windows and probably killed itself. I'll never know because nature scared the shit out of me and then hopped away when I tried to save it.

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Brooke said...

Were you cleaning with Windex again Ann?

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