Monday, September 28

Expert Advice

For Mother's Day this year my mother got me a vintage 1965 book.

Mother's Encyclopedia: Expert Advice on Child Care and Family

Illustrated and published by Parents Institute.

Yes apparently in the 60s there was a whole institute of parents, they had figured everything out regarding parenting and decided to put it all that cutting edge knowledge in a handbook. How awesome is that? I had quite a good time reading it! And the pictures were great.

My favourite part was I think the list of questions your child could ask you, and their appropriate answers. I should go find it and give you some examples here.. like answering what is the moon made out of and what happens when hover cars take over the streets. I just picture little Sally asking mom if nuclear war was going to happen and her saying "hold on, let me go get the encyclopedia".

In fact, as a mom, I'd like to go ahead and use that as my future go-to. Except I wouldn't go get the book but just hold the newspaper up and go back to reading it. Or if a really confusing situation happened like why won't the dog wake up, I'd put the fire on, grab some hot chocolate and go to the book to see if they wanted me to answer a different question instead.

Speaking of diversion has anyone noticed that the Palm Pre commercial looks a lot like a Monistat ad... but with a way creepier girl?

Uh are we selling phones here.. or..


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