Tuesday, September 29

Golden Ticket

Sean was talking to me about how we should go to Dubai and fly Emirates (please, someone clear up for me the correct pronunciation) because they have these crazy luxurious pod airplane seats even in business class. I asked if he simply wanted us to go to Dubai for the airplane ride or actually seeing the area. He assured me of course not just for the plane ride, the area has a lot of things to see too like an indoor ski hill for some reason. My opinion of Dubai thus far is like visiting Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, and that's not just because I assume their airline tickets are actually golden.

I stumbledupon a site just this morning, as if it knew we just talked about this, for the website of the luxurious Dubai destination plane on Etihad Airways. I lifted a few of the cool pictures and here's my interpretation of what they are telling me my experience will be like flying with them.

You will be a guest on our nightly airplane talk show.

There is no need to look directly at the hostess bringing the blood diamonds for your English Muffin.

You will sleep so comfortably it's as if we've imprisoned you in sweet dreams.

Lastly.. their promo page in Arab Maxim with the caption:

Luxury. Decadence. Shitting in the sky.


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I will clear it up for you...



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