Thursday, September 3

It will be OK. I have buns, everyone.

im starving
i just realized i havent had dinner

its 11pm lady!
why aren't you taking care of yourself

LOL i got home at like 730 and sat down with the computer and havent moved. lol

i ought to italian grandmother you about this!

LOL yeah make me some food!

hahaha coming! i have buns!

Just a reminder not all my conversations are reflective of my last post. If not for you, for me. I'm just surrounded by a complex tapestry of crazy. Other than all the swearing I type up, I'm pretty normal... I bought two kinds of cinnmon buns today. Nobody crazy has that kind of foresight, right? I'm pretty pleased with myself for including the word tapestry by the way.

Looking forward to my day off tomorrow, and possible long weekend activities like the CNE.. Ribfest etc. Hopefully it's not a thousand degrees outside like last year. It kind of takes the fun out of things when you're, yanno, dying.

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Anonymous said...

So I wanted to tell you that after we talked I had a butterscotch pudding cup and went to bed! LOL Dinner of Champions! :P

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