Wednesday, September 9

It's strawberry!

I've watched TLC's Cake Boss a few times and while it's insane what they can make .. it begs the age old question of why f around with cake?  It's cake.  Is it's deliciousness not good enough for you people?  You have to put flashing lights in it, or make it look like a purse, or living animals inside to really make it special?  I'll repeat, it's cake.. it wins by being itself, dress it up and pass out some forks and you have yourself a good day.

Let's explain what I am talking about with pictures.  WE LIKE PICTURES.

1. This cake actually works.. you can gamble on it.. isn't that delicious?

2. Anyone want to eat this at their Bachelorette Party?

The talent that goes into make cake look like a greasy man is just wasted on me.  Just to be clear we are talking about those with talent, unlike the stuff you see at Cake Wrecks.

3.  Like whatever this is.

The worst of it all is I have seen a lot of cakes just be flat out disturbing.  The opposite effect cake is supposed to have on you.. cringing in fear.  You wouldn't think baby shower cakes would be the worst but they honestly are.

Here's a couple examples that make me never want to eat cake again.  Scroll at your own peril. 


In closing, can I just give a big F-U to the makers of anything that would rob expectant mothers, or new mothers of the joy of cake for even a minute?  Anyone want to eat the babies head or are you just going to pick around the C-Section wound? It's strawberry!!!

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Benjamin said...

The C-section cake made my day, looool!!

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