Monday, September 14

Oh yeah, it's a real thing

I really strive to provide the audience I have with some truly informative stuff, which is what my opinion is for.. naturally.  What better information is there? 

I wasn't going to mention that last week Brooke and I drove up to a variety store to get some milk and things when we saw, in the middle of the day, a guy outside the door wearing mental hospital PJs.

If that weren't weird enough, as I pass by to get into the store this guy doesn't ask me for change like I assumed he would but says "You're gorgeous! I just thought you would want to know how good you look".  He was very enthusiastic about it which made me wonder if he was actually hitting on me or just trying to make my day.  I say thank you of course but once inside I'm all.. wait a minute, a guy wearing pajamas as clothes just gave me a compliment.  What does that even mean?  Is that the opposite of good?  I'm not sure why the fact that this is in the middle of the day should mean something to the story here but I feel like it does.

We laugh about it, don't get me wrong I was looking alright I thought.. dressed nicely etc.  but once we get home the two of us and Sean are all.. ohmygod, he's one of those guys!  You know, those guys that actually have fetishes about pregnant ladies.  I provide you with the most official-ish definition: Wikipedia.  Oh yeah, it's real.  It was actually a running joke around the house because Sean had never heard of it... not like finding a sexy woman who happens to be pregnant sexy (i.e. yours truly) but just any pregnant lady is sexy because she is pregnant.  It is called a fetish because it's weird, I suppose!  And not exactly the worst one out there I've ever heard of so we'll just skip right past that.  Most importantly now we know what kind of guy that is... guys who wear pajamas outside.

 The more you know... cue the special music.


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