Wednesday, September 23

Surprise! I hate Candy

Last night I was reading a funny website called No One Will Ever Believe You: Bill Murray will deny all these stories. It's totally hilarious short stories website where it's all about Bill Murray and every story ends in him telling the person no one will believe their story.  Too funny.. I love stuff like that.

This next paragraph is going somewhere. 

I live in a world where all you need to do to convince someone to eat something good is to call it candy, like today when I made some Strawberries with a little sugar sprinkled on them.  Boom.. Strawberry Candy!  Want to take some vitamins?  Oh I mean... special treats?  Anything candy is great.  So I was thinking back to that site when I saw a candy commercial and realized there's actually quite a lot of candy I don't like and anytime I tell someone this fact it's as if Bill Murray comes out and says "no one will ever believe you" because no one does.  Who hates candy? you must be lying or crazy.  I'm into lists so... here is a list of candy/sweets/treats that 90% of the world likes but I don't, and no one ever believes me.

  1. Maltesers 
  2. Marshmallows... cooked or raw
  3. That includes Peeps or those Chocolate covered Marshmallow Cookie things
  4. Most Fudge including Fudge filled fudgecicles
  5. Butter Tarts
  6. Chocolate covered cherries and most chocolate from a Whitmans Sampler type thing.
  7. Apple Pie
  8. Candy Rockets
  9. Good and Pleanty
  10. Wafer cookies 
I'm leaving out of course the regular candy that nobody likes, like black licorice and candy corn.  Some things I will tolerate if I have to.. candy apples and s'mores. 

Yeah life is rough.


Brooke said...

ORANGE CHOCOLATE!!!!! Most vile thing I have ever encountered!BARF!

Ann.Marie said...

Oh good one!! Yes Orange Chocolate is terrible!!!

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