Tuesday, September 15

What would Julie Chen Wear?

If you have been watching Big Brother 11 then you know what I am going to say... I have no idea how there isn't a blog completely dedicated to the terrible maternity outfits Julie Chen has been sporting this year. I pretty much only tune in for that and it never disappoints me.

I will include the couple times I did tweet about it and hopefully you recall what the outfit was.

  • kudos to Julie Chen for trying to rock the maternity bright orange chiffon jacket
  • guide to Julie Chen pregnancy 101: bigger bump, bigger earrings. she's up to golf balls now.


This dress was explosively huge at the bottom for some reason, because pregnant ladies need to look bigger... always. Never big enough!

Tonight's finale outfit is simply fantastic, living past all my hopes and dreams.

My tweet:
  • Julie Chen has given up and is now just wearing a slicker from her tour of the Maid of the Mist.

Answers that are also acceptable to tonight's question "what the hell is Julie wearing?" are 1. a snuggie and 2. an alien suit.

Wow I really want to get myself one of these!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!! I just sent a mass email to everyone asking them the same thing. She is tiny and can pull off a cute maternity outfit. The wardrobe person needs to be FIRED!!!!! That was insane. It took away from the season finale, I was so distracted.

Lidian said...

It really does look like she just came from Maid of the Mist! lol

Congrats on being the FMB Blog of the Day!

Anonymous said...

Nicolas ftw.


Anonymous said...

Great writing! I want to see a follow up to this topic???

Thank You

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